Cafe Pacific Review-Dallas

Café Pacific

So Café Pacific has been a Dallas staple for forever, and we used to go all the time for family birthdays/special occasions, etc. Well, one time they turned me away because I was wearing shorts (they were dressy shorts, and I had heels on), but regardless, I had boycotted them until last weekend. We landed in Dallas for the TX-OU game around 11, and my father in law wanted to grab lunch. I suggested Mia’s because I wanted to grub down, but he countered me with Café Pacific. I wasn’t going to tell him I wasn’t fond of their dress code, after all, he was picking up the tab, so I made a call and made sure that we wouldn’t be turned away for wearing jeans. Jeans are apparently ok at lunchtime. Whatever.  So we got there and got a few awkward stares  from the ever annoying “ladies who lunch in three piece suits—but who don’t work—so why are you in a three piece power lady suit”. I hate them. Anyways, we sat down and I assumed we would all be drinking so I ordered my usual noon-time bevvy some Sav-B. When Craw and his dad didn’t order drinks, I considered retracting my order-but hey, I just wanted to look cool, so I held strong. And didn’t hesitate to order another…

photo 1

sav-b and sweet potato strings


We ordered and neither of them ordered an app, so naturally I had a minor fatty panic attack and ordered mussels for the table. They were cooked with coconut milk and Thai spices with garlic and were incredible. I thought I hated all things coconut, but after tasting the mussels at Malai, which I think are cooked with coconut milk, I decided it isn’t too strong of a flavor.

photo 2

At lunch, Café Pacific has a pick two special, and I chose the Chinese Chicken Salad and a cup of black bean soup. Both were delish, and shit, managed to combine a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with Thai flavored mussels, Mexican flavored soup, and a Chinese salad. I went around the world in less than an hour, and never had to leave my seat. The other two got fish tacos and another combo, but I won. I reverse my ill feelings towards Café P, but think I’ll stick to lunch there. Order the Chinese Chicken Salad—it really is delish.

dark photo-but black bean soup and chicken salad

dark photo-but black bean soup and chicken salad

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