Soprano Family Sunday Gravy


So I know I said a longggg time ago that I would post the recipe for Sunday Gravy. Well, it turns out that I might have had too much red wine and forgot what all I put in it….Here is the link to the recipe. DON’T FORGET THE NECK BONES. I’m serious. If you buy them at a grocery store, you’ll probably have to ask a butcher for them, but you will feel like the coolest white chick that has ever lived. I let mine simmer for 6 hours—the longer the better. I served with fresh linguine and rigatoni. Add fresh torn basil right on top, and some parmesan. If you have non-noodlers, give them a loaf of bread and let them go to town. Pork necks pictured below, just so I could show off how proud I was.  If you want to impress, make this. The sauce is even better three nights later for late night. Just saying. Peace

porkneck porkneck2

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