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I hope everyone gets the Sunday Fear….also, Midland Restaurants

One of my biggest pet peeves (besides people who bring more than 2 children to grocery stores and those who ride around grocery stores in the scooters with baskets), is not being able to look up a menu online before I go to a restaurant….I get SEVERE menu anxiety. So bad, in fact, that I have passed my anxiety along to many of my friends (read: 2 friends, since I have about 4). It’s gotten to the point that unless I go to some place like Chili’s, I pretty much consider popping a xanax before dining.

Anyways–my point is, that last weekend, since people were in town visiting, I ventured out to two Midland restaurants–one with a menu online, one without. Neither of them sucked, and I’ve been to both before, so this time, there was no need to roofie myself. (SORRY MOM).

First off, Romie’s Mexican Restaurant–or what Siri would like to pronounce Romeo’s Michigan Ristrant.
Go on a Friday, and get the Viernes. Better yet, go hungover on a Friday, and get the Viernes. Downfall-they don’t serve alcohol, and some of our guests had just gotten off a bumpy flight and were sad not to have a little brewski. Pretty sure we/they made up for it about 30 minutes later. Viernes is some sort of combo plate that has a mini chili relleno, enchilada and chalupas. I actually didn’t really like it, but then again, I don’t like chili rellenos, and all I really wanted was flour tortillas and queso. Their queso is legit, and their salsa rivals Jorge’s. If you don’t know what Jorge’s is, then it rivals your version of MiCocina or Escalantes. If you don’t know what any of those are, then why are you reading my blog–or you live in Odessa. Either way, shoo.

Romie’s Viernes-just get chalupas next time.

Friday night, we went to Venezia, which is the best Italian (besides Maberry Street) you can find. Everything is pretty good, and everything is even better when you are white trash and bring a waterbottle full of Grey Goose and Crystal Light to serve with your noodles. It’s BYOLiquor, and they have a pretty good wine list. If you want to go full fat and unbotton your jeans, get the carbonara. It’s creamy and delish, but would be hard to go out after eating more than a few bites. I got the veggie and shrimp penne, but got chicken instead of shrimp since right now I’m scared of most shrimp that I don’t buy myself. Venezia is great for big groups, but bring cash and then have someone pay all on their cc–it’s just easier.

Penne Mediterranea…$13.95

Sauteed vegetables & shrimp finished with white wine sauce. I got without Shrimp added chicken. I’d do no protein next time. 

Rigatoni Carbonara…$11.95
Pancetta, proscuitto, eggs, parmigiano

A new post coming soon on stuff I’ve cooked, but my Sunday Fear has turned in to Manic Monday, which is now a Terrifying Tuesday, so I am going to try and spin this weekend out of my body, and post my bbq this afternoon. In other news, for my birthday, Crawford got me a raised bed garden. Pilar (aka my hero and husband of the world’s greatest Sylvia) put it together, and now I’ve planted a garden. So now, to add to my list of MANY MANY wonderful assets, I now have a green thumb. I’ve planted a semi-salsa and herb garden with jalepenos, red bell peps, tomatoes, okra, mesclun, rosemary and basil.

Will someone pay for me to go to Fat Camp?

Holy mother of elastic waistbands. My fat pants are two sizes too small, and there is no end in sight. I’ve been living out of a suitcase for two weeks, which means there’s been nothing but binge eating (and drinking) since the end of July. If there’s a rehab for carb/cheese addicts, sign me up for the longest session available. I’ve been in La Jolla and Dallas, and haven’t been cooking much, but I’ve been eating at some of the most legit restaurants. I’ve gotten the fortune of spending time with both my Shuford fam and the Smith fam, and if there’s one thing the two have in common, it’s red wine and meals that end with the meat sweats. I’m pretty sure even my double chin has cellulite at his point, but f*ck it, I’m married and have plenty of stretchy pants to wear in the next few weeks. Anyways, until I do some sort of body shock/cleanse, I’ll continue to enjoy Cali and the delish foods….some of which are pictured below.

Osteria Romantica, La Jolla- gnocchi gratin, raviolo, seafood linguine

Dinner on da beach- wine, cheese, grapes, lots of meat
Breakfast with an awfullllll view…. Soft poached eggs over grilled asparagus, chiliquilies
Wet lunch at the Crab Catcher- crabby Mary, sav b, shrimp and grits, crab bisque, crab blt

Breakfast at Harry’s- best pancake ever, sucky omelette, breakfast burrito

Dinner at Herringbone- basil gimlet, seared albacore with egg, halibut with corn relish, whole striped bass with a citrus gremolata

This is what I do with my free time. 8 times out of 9, Craw won’t take a pic with me. My cellphone is full of selfies, food pics and pics of my dog. Or selfies with my dog.,,,
That’s all I got for now…I smell something grilling so obviously I have to go check it out.
Peace, love and XL Nike shorts,