gettin fancy….

Well, I know I said I was going to post the recipes for the BBQ and the chicken with butternut squash, but I actually don’t really remember what all I did, and didn’t take notes. So, tough shit to the four people who read this blog and wanted the recipe. Now, on the bigger and better things: I got a badass camera. Well. Not so much got as found, but it was at my house, and I’m claiming it.* It’s a canon rebel XT and looks like a total mom camera. So for all of you idiots asking me when I want to pop out a Crawdad, the answer is not now, but at least I have the mom cam to fill in for the time being. Also, I’m not a huge fan of babies, but that is a story for another day, and a few more glasses of cab.

So, tonight I am having a few hoes over for dinner, so I’ve got to be on my A-game. Even though I have an incredibly demanding job where I work in a high stress office from 8-5 (ha), I have managed to waste half my day prepping for the night ahead. For most people, a girls dinner would consist of a light salad, probably something with Quinoa, and fish. Well, the fish in Midland smells weird, and I’m fresh out of quinoa, so I guess the girls will have to settle for:

-Phyllo wrapped baked brie with a glazed mustard
-Assorted cheeses
-Fresh made bruschetta
Left to right:
Basil from my garden, heirloom tomatoes (the uglier the better),
parmesan, garlic, toasted pine nuts, store bought basil

-Toasted orecchiette with fresh pesto (basil from my garden), with Italian sausage
-Hatch chili cheese bread
-Chop salad with a light Greek vinaigrette, diced tomatoes, peppers, peppered salami and shaved parmesan

Close up of the tastiest pesto

-Sour cream chocolate chip Bundt cake sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Once I write the recipe down, I will show you how to go from THIS

And a little set up for the dinner tonight…getting fancy with my new camera. Someone will need to teach me some tricks though.
My new garden, with the most awesome gardening partner ever.
**I wouldn’t actually steal something as nice as a camera-it’s my husbands. Don’t get me wrong, love a good getaway, but only would steal something dumb like a bouncy ball or magnetic earrings.

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